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Facility Information

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Rental Policies & Guidelines:  Dole Institute facilities are available on a rental basis to University of Kansas academic, departmental or student organization-sponsored events; local/state/national government-sponsored meetings or charitable/non-profit-sponsored events. The Dole Institute, a state facility, may not be used for fundraising events for candidates, political parties and organizations.

Availability: During the fall and spring semesters the Dole Institute will be blocked to all rental events Tuesday – Thursday evenings. This includes all rooms: Hansen, Simons and Rhodes. Request for an exception may be submitted. All exceptions must be approved by the Dole Institute director. (To inquire, please email:

Please note: The Dole Institute is not available for use by the public for weddings, funerals, memorial services or similar personal events.

KU Concealed Carry Policy: Individuals who choose to carry concealed handguns are solely responsible to do so in a safe and secure manner in strict conformity with state and federal laws and KU weapons policy. Safety measures outlined in the KU weapons policy specify that a concealed handgun:

  • Must be under the constant control of the carrier.
  • Must be out of view, concealed either on the body of the carrier, or backpack, purse, or bag that remains under the carrier’s custody and control.
  • Must be in a holster that covers the trigger area and secures any external hammer in an un-cocked position
  • Must have the safety on, and have no round in the chamber.

Individuals who violate the KU weapons policy may be asked to leave campus with the weapon and may face disciplinary action under the appropriate university code of conduct.

Pro Bono Usage of Facilities:  The Dole Institute allows a limited number of groups and organizations to use our facilities for no room charge. While we strive to be of assistance to all civic minded organizations, due to high demand and costs we are only able to eliminate the room rental fees. SPONSORING GROUPS RECEIVING PRO BONO USAGE WILL BE SUBJECT TO ALL OTHER FEES ASSOCIATED WITH THEIR EVENT.

If you would like to be considered for pro bono usage, please keep in mind that your program must be a.) Consistent with our mission, free and open to the public (no required registration and event is announced publicly) or b.) A community civic organization. You must submit an explanation of how your event/group carries out the mission of the Dole Institute to Angie Soden at either prior to or at the time of submitting a Facilities Rental Request Form. Please note: Because our mission includes bipartisanship and philosophical balance, applications that build these components into their program design are more likely to be accepted. In addition, events that are held during business hours (M-F, 9-5) are more likely to be approved for pro bono usage.

**Due to our heavy programming schedule, if you are reserving Hansen Hall we reserve the right to accommodate your group in the Simons Media Room or reschedule your event if a Dole Institute programming opportunity arises.** 

Cancellation Policy:  Written notification of event cancellation must be received at least seven days prior to the event date. If notification is not received, a $100 fee will apply. Notifications can be emailed to, faxed to (785) 864-1414, or mailed to 2350 Petefish Drive, Lawrence, KS 66045.

Catering: KU Catering must be used for all events serving food (exemptions can be requested through KU Catering). This includes items like cookies, punch, bottled water, and coffee, as well as boxed lunches or served meals. All serving staff, table linens, china and glassware are included in catering costs. Contact Whitney Fox, Catering Coordinator at or (785) 864-2444. For more information, visit the KU Catering website.

Alcohol Policy:  Approval from the University of Kansas provost’s office is required to serve alcohol and is only possible for official University events and programs. If approved, alcohol must be provided by the user group, not KU Catering. To view the university policy on alcohol at events and for a link to the required “Alcohol Beverage Request Form” click here.

Request Process: In order to consider your request in a careful and timely manner, we require that all those requesting use of our facilities to complete the FACILITIES REQUEST FORM (link to request form) within five business days of placing a “HOLD” for your event on our calendar. We evaluate requests on a weekly basis and will inform you of our decision via email within 10 days of submission.

We look at a variety of factors when making a decision about which events to approve for rental. These include adherence to the facility use policies, current priorities, staff availability, and scheduling considerations. Priority in scheduling is given to Dole Institute events. Approval of a similar event in the past does not mean a new event can be accommodated. Dole Institute facilities may not be used for personal events and charging admission fees to attend events or doing any form of fundraising at the Dole Institute is strictly prohibited.

Please submit a completed Facilities Rental Request Form to Dole Institute Events Specialist Angie Soden, via e-mail at or by fax at (785) 864-1414. Requests will not be taken over the phone.

Room Rates and Capacity:  Room rates apply to all organizations.  We do not offer reduced rates based on profit status.

  • Rhodes Conference Room ($100):  The Rhodes Conference room seats 16 people around the conference table.
  • Simons Media Room ($500):  The Simons Media room seats 120 guests for a theatre-style presentation, 75 for a sit-down meal, and 80 for a classroom style setup with tables. No charge to KU users for public lectures, symposia, or other public education activities during regular business hours if no special set up required.
  • Hansen Hall ($800): (Early Morning & Evening Use Only) Hansen Hall can seat 150 guests for a sit-down dinner or breakfast, 300 for a theatre-style presentation, and 325 for a reception. Please note: Hansen Hall is a museum, open to the public 360 days a year. Rentals during the day may be allowed at the discretion of the director, but there is a $2,000 charge when allowed.

Additional Room-related Charges:

Overhead Fee: All groups are charged a flat fee of $150—This fee covers our actual costs to provide these services. Fee covers room set up, clean up, use of A/V equipment*, internet access and Institute staff time during business hours.

*Audio/Visual equipment includes: DVD, CD, video projector, document camera, and microphones.

  • After Business Hours Fee ($40/hour): Additional charge of $40 per hour applied for events starting before 9:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday & holidays. Time to set up prior to the event and clean up after the event is considered when applying this fee.
  • Buffet setup in Hansen Hall ($200): For events in the Simons Media Room, there is an additional room use fee of $200 for a buffet setup in Hansen Hall.
  • Videoconference ($225): Videoconferencing service is available if requested at the time of room reservation for $225 per hour, additional line and connection charges may apply.
  • Video Recording ($150/hour): Video recording services are available if requested at the time of room reservation. Fee is $150 per hour.
  • Chair Options ($150): Padded folding chairs are standard with all room setups. If you choose to use the fixed-back armed or armless chairs, an additional $150 setup fee will apply.

Use of Dole Institute Office Equipment: A 10¢ per page charge is assessed for photocopies. Guests may use phone or fax at no charge.  Please ask the front desk personnel for assistance.

Cleaning and Damage Charges: Additional charges will be billed for carpet cleaning resulting from spills, other accidents or abuse of property. Repair or replacement costs will also be billed. The Dole Institute is not liable for damage or injury to outside persons or equipment used for events.

Decorations: Notify the Dole Institute staff in advance for approval of any decorating plans. All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event.

Security: If any special security is required, it is the responsibility of the requesting organization to make arrangements. The Dole Institute must be notified of this at the time of rental application, or we reserve the right to refuse hosting the event.

Vendors: Non-retail vendor booths are allowed to set up and display general information and to give away information to participants. Distributed information should be approved by the Dole Institute.

Accessibility & Parking: ADA accessible parking is available. All parking is ample and free in the lot adjacent to facility.


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