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Dole Institute congressional history prizes awarded at Kansas History Day

LAWRENCE – The Robert and Elizabeth Dole Archive and Special Collections at KU’s Dole Institute of Politics awarded the 2019 Robert J. Dole Congressional History Prize to three projects at the 2019 Kansas History Day State Contest. This event was held on April 27, 2019 at Washburn University with the theme “Triumph and Tragedy in History.”

Lawrence student Emma Roman Nose of Bishop Seabury Academy was awarded first place for her junior individual exhibit, “Cut Us Loose.” Her teachers are Sonja Czarnecki and Sara Asher.

Trinity Barnett and Ananya Vasu of Washburn Rural H.S. were awarded second place for their senior group website, “Equal Rights Amendment.” Barnett and Vasu are taught by Zachary Raugewitz.

Topeka student Max Kuhlmann of Wanamaker Elementary received third place for his junior individual performance, “How the tragedy of the Apollo 1 fire resulted in the triumphant Apollo 11 moon landing.” His teacher is Ashley Beason-Manes.

The Robert J. Dole Congressional History Prize is awarded to three entries at the Kansas History Day State Contest that include information about Congress in the accompanying research and presentation. Eligible entries include those that focus on the history of Congress as an institution, history of a piece of legislation, the actions of individual members or committees of the House of Representatives or Senate, other processes of the U.S. government or any topic that uses materials from the Dole Archives. First place receives a $150 prize, second place $100 and third place $50.

NHD is a non-profit organization based in College Park that seeks to improve the teaching and learning of history. The National History Day Contest was established in 1974 and currently engages more than half a million students in conducting original research on historical topics of interest. Students present their research as a documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, or website. Projects compete first at the local and affiliate levels. The top entries are invited to the National Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park. NHD is sponsored in part by HISTORY®, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Park Service, and Southwest Airlines. For more information, visit

The Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics is dedicated to promoting political and civic participation as well as civil discourse in a bipartisan, philosophically balanced manner. It is located on KU’s West Campus and houses the Dole Archive and Special Collections. Through its robust public programming, congressional archive and museum, the Dole Institute strives to celebrate public service and the legacies of U.S. Senators Bob Dole and Elizabeth Dole. The institute also offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for K-12 students, teachers and homeschool families. More information on all institute programs and educational offerings can be found online at

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