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Senator Dole has amazing accomplishments as a legislator, statesman, and veteran. He continues to serve as an inspiration to new generations of leaders, and his appeal as a true public servant can be easily seen in every county in Kansas he visits. Whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent – and all have been out on this latest tour to offer their reciprocal gratitude – Senator Dole served everyone.

Since its dedication in 2003, the Dole Institute of Politics has been working to uphold the Senator’s extraordinary legacy.

You can help uphold Senator Dole’s legacy by becoming a Friend of the Dole Institute.

Your support allows us to offer outstanding programming, furthers research in our comprehensive congressional archive, and helps us create an environment to encourage and challenge students of all ages to put service before self.

Further, the Friends of the Dole Institute help support:

  • The Dole Institute’s Internship Assistance Program for students interested in careers in public service
  • Research in our Robert J. Dole Archive and Special Collections through travel grants and fellowships for scholars from around the world
  • Activities of our Student Advisory Board, including the Dole Institute Mentoring Program
  • Keeping all of our programs free and open to the public

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“New issues in politics are flying past us faster and faster every day. The Dole Institute helps us to put them in perspective. The atmosphere at the Dole is friendly, nonjudgmental and non-partisan. Come join us and become a Friend of the Dole.” – Mary-Elizabeth Debicki, Friend of the Dole Institute since 2007

Your Membership in Action
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Dole Institute Mentoring Program »

Student Advisory Board »

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A special review of Senator Dole’s recent visits to Kansas
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