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Veterans Database


“It’s often said that my generation is the greatest generation. That’s not a title we claimed for ourselves. Truth be told, we were ordinary Americans fated to confront extraordinary tests. Every generation of young men and women who dare to face the realities of war—fighting for freedom, defending our country, with a willingness to lay their lives on the line—is the greatest generation.”
-Bob Dole, One Soldier’s Story page 3

Kansas WWII Veterans

This online database features over 4,700 portraits of Kansans, submitted by friends or family, who either fought in World War II or served on the home front. This project grew out of Senator Dole’s desire to honor his late brother, Kenny, and other Kansans who fought overseas or worked for the war effort at home.

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Dole’s Work for Veterans

Senator Dole has long been a committed advocate for veterans and their families. From service as National Chairman for the WWII Memorial Commission and as a member of the President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors, to his close work with veterans through the Honor Flight Network, Dole’s dedication in this area has made an impact on countless Americans.

Learn more about Dole’s efforts on behalf of veterans >>

Dole Family WWII Letters

2015 marks 70 years since Bob Dole’s injuries on a battlefield in Italy and the end of World War II as well as a decade since the release of the former senator’s 2005 memoir, One Soldier’s Story. The Robert J. Dole Archive & Special Collections has created and made available an online collection titled “Dole Family WWII Letters” in order to bring historical work featured in Dole’s memoir to a global audience.

Access the online collection here »

We are grateful for the support of H.W. (Bill) Reece and John Taylor Dyatt, who, along with all of those others in the greatest generation, gave so much that we might today enjoy the liberties and privileges of this great nation.

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