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Submit Photos of WWII Veterans


The Dole Institute’s World War II Memory Wall honors the courageous Kansans, native-born or  permanent residents, who served during World War II either at home or abroad.

The Memory Wall is a permanent installation comprised of the first 1,000 veteran photos submitted to the Dole Institute of Politics for its grand opening in 2003. Since then, we have accepted submissions to our online Veterans Database, which contains over 4,500 World War II Veterans with ties to Kansas.

To view our full database, click here.

We accept submissions to our database registry on an ongoing basis.

If you know someone who should be honored in our registry, please submit the following information below:

Submit Photos of WWII Veterans

    Veteran's Name (required)

    Upload Photo (1mb file size limit)

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    You may also choose to mail a photo reproduction to us at

    WWII  Memory Wall

    c/o Dole Institute of Politics
    University of Kansas
    2350 Petefish Drive
    Lawrence, KS 66045

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    *Asterisk denotes required field.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    What qualifies as a Kansas World War II veteran? Any individual who served during World War II and resided in Kansas at any point in his/her life.

    Why do you need my information? We are proud of our WWII Memory Wall and glad you submitted a veteran to us. To show our appreciation, we want to confirm we received your information, and also keep you apprised of activities here at the Dole Institute.

    What kind of photo do you want? Any photo where the veteran is easily visible, either in his/her military uniform or other casual attire. The photos can be in any size and can be black and white or color—we will resize and make the photo black and white. If you choose to mail your photo, please remove it from any frame.

    Will you return my photo? While we handle all submissions with utmost care, we can not be responsible for any damage or loss of your precious original photographs. Please do not submit original prints of photographs, as we cannot guarantee their safe return.

    Still have a question? Email us at

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