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The Dole Institute promotes the importance of bipartisanship and public service, the honor of being a political professional, and the significance of civil, balanced discussion. We strive to reflect the legacy and life of Senator Bob Dole in all that we do, whether that is in our balanced public programming, museum experience, or opportunities for teachers and students. We are proud to offer our programs free and open to the public.

Dole Leadership Prize

The Dole Leadership Prize is awarded annually to an individual or group whose public service leadership inspires others. The prize includes a $25,000 award.

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Dole Lecture

The Dole Lecture is an annual, public event headlined by a national figure discussing an aspect of current politics or policy.

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Presidential Lecture Series

A series of talks focusing on a particular aspect of U.S. political leadership, typically the U.S. Presidency. This series often features nationally-known individuals, including public servants, historians, top strategists, award-winning journalists, and political operatives.

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Dole Forums

The Dole Forum is a major part of the Dole Institute’s educational programming for students at the University of Kansas and the surrounding community. Dole Forums are diverse, covering a variety of topics that intersect politics.

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Dole Fellowship Program

The Dole Fellowship Program unites political practitioners and University of Kansas students to build a greater appreciation for civic and political involvement through a series of Study Group sessions each semester. Community members are also welcome to attend these afternoon sessions with our Dole Fellows and their special guest speakers.

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Post-Election Conference

A comprehensive biennial conference following each national election brings in the experts, including state and national strategists, pollsters, journalists and campaign officials, to analyze how and why the elections were won and lost, and what that will mean for the next two years.

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