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2006 Presidential Lecture Series – The First Woman President

A series devoted to the “who, when & how” issues of electing a woman president.

Thursday, February 7
“A Woman President: If not now, when?”
Featuring 2004 Presidential Contender, former U.S. Ambassador and U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun

Sunday, February 12
“Madam President: Women Blazing the Leadership Trail”
Featuring Eleanor Clift, a Newsweek contributing editor and author

Tuesday, February 14
“What Women Really Want”
Featuring political trend-spotters, pollsters and co-authors of What Women Really Want Celinda Lake and Kellyanne Conway

Wednesday, February 22
“The Path to the Presidency: How She Will Win”
Featuring Mary Beth Cahill, 2004 Presidential campaign manager for John Kerry, and Tom Daffron, 2000 Presidential campaign manager for Elizabeth Dole

Tuesday, February 28
“Chief Executive: Women as Governors”
Featuring former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen and former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift moderated by political activist Barbara Lee



Eleanor Clift, 2 former women governors join ‘First Woman President’ lecture series

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