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2011 Presidential Lecture Series – 20th Century Mount Rushmore with Richard Norton Smith

20th Century Mt Rushmore example 1
Richard Norton Smith’s modern-day Mount Rushmore came to life at the Dole Institute in a four-part series in 2011.  Smith’s ideal contemporary rock sculpture  included Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Woodrow Wilson.Smith has been involved in politics for more than 35 years.  He has worked as senatorial speech writer, journalist for the Washington Post and director of five presidential libraries and museums, including the Dole Institute. Smith is an author and a scholar-in-residence at George Mason University. He is a frequent contributor to such publications as Time, Life and the New York Times. And he is a familiar face to viewers of C-SPAN and the PBS NewsHour, with which he has been associated since 2000. Sunday, January 30: Reagan
Join Smith and former Reagan Political Director, Bill Lacy, as they reminisce about our 40th president as his 100th birthday approaches.Wednesday, February 16: FDR
Director Bill Lacy interviews Smith about the most significant Democratic president of the last century.Wednesday, February 23: Eisenhower
Smith argues that Kansas’ own favorite son deserves his place on the rock.Thursday, February 24: Wilson
Smith explains why the progressive icon is the fourth and final member of the 20th century dream team.

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Richard Norton Smith on Ronald Reagan

Richard Norton Smith on FDR

Dole Institute lecture series asks, ‘Who would you put on Mount Rushmore?’

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