About the Program

The Dole Fellowship Program at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics unites political practitioners and University of Kansas students to build a greater appreciation for civic and political involvement through a series of Discussion Group sessions each semester. Community members are also welcome to attend these afternoon sessions with our Dole Fellows and their special guest speakers.

The Dole Institute hosts Dole Fellows for semester-long appointments. Using his or her extensive national or international political experience, each Dole Fellow produces a one-of-a-kind program to explore a particular aspect of the political process and presents it to attendees through a series of interactive sessions or events.


  • Plan and lead a weekly discussion group discussion for seven weeks. Both students and the Lawrence community attend the discussions. Each week’s discussion should be a focused topic relating to the overall theme. Typically, Dole Fellows host guest speakers relating to each focused topic.
  • Participate in outside student activities and Dole Institute evening programming
  • Provide individual attention and mentoring to interested students

Types of Dole Fellowships

Two styles of Dole Fellowships are available.

Dole Fellowship

These fellows are expected to spend one day per week at the Dole Institute for a total of seven, nearly consecutive, weeks. During that day, Dole Fellows hold office hours, meet with interested students and host their discussion. Dole Fellows are also expected to make up to 3 additional trips to promote his/her discussion through KU connections.

If a Dole Fellow does not reside in the area, arrangements are made for round-trip airfare and lodging for one night a week for both the Fellow and any guest speakers.

Visiting Dole Fellowship

These Fellows become highly involved at KU and the Dole Institute in a block of programming that is concentrated into 2 or 3 days. Typical engagements for Visiting Dole Fellows might include leading a discussion group discussion, being featured in an evening public program, discussing contemporary issues with students at Pizza and Politics, attending an organized meal with students and or faculty, and conducting classroom visits in relevant disciplines.


Dole Fellows receive a small stipend for their commitment. Additionally, we pay all travel and Dole Institute-related expenses for the Dole Fellows and their guests.

How to Apply

Dole Fellows and their guests truly enjoy their experiences at the Dole Institute. Applicants should have a strong interest in teaching and mentoring students, as well as a proven track-record in their particular field.

Application Process

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Strong applications are kept for future Dole Fellowships if the current appointments are filled. The Dole Institute will not return application materials, but will respond to each application.

Application Requirements:

Please include the following in your application, regardless of the style of Dole Fellowship you are seeking:

1. A letter of application, including

  • Brief mention of key experience and areas of expertise
  • How you would be a valuable resource for the Dole Institute
    • How you would be a valuable asset to KU students
    • The style of Dole Fellowship you would be interested in (visiting or semester-long).

If applying for a Visiting Dole Fellowship, please also include an outline on how your experience could translate into meaningful insight for KU students and the Lawrence community.

2. An updated resume or CV.

If applying for the 7-week Dole Fellowship, please also include:

3. A discussion proposal outlining:

  • Your general discussion group topic and seven sub-areas for weekly discussions
  • Possible guests
  • Additional information specifically relating to student involvement, either within or distinct from your planned seven-week discussion.

Examples of topic proposals are available upon request.

Completed applications can be submitted to the Dole Institute of Politics via


Dole Fellowship Program
Dole Institute of Politics
2350 Petefish Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045




(785) 864-1414


Some summers we offer a summer fellowship, usually last five weeks. Typically, individuals selected for these fellowships are regionally based, and our summer audiences are composed mostly of adults. As with other Fellowships, a small stipend is paid to the Fellow. If you are interested in a Summer Fellowship please inquire.

The Dole Institute is committed to universal accessibility in all programs and resources. We are in the process of making all of our web projects fully accessible. An accessible version of the material represented on this site will be made available upon request. Please contact us at doleinstitute@ku.edu to request the material be made available in an accessible format, or for general assistance.