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Be a leader in the Jayhawk community and participate in the democratic process. Take a moment to be #VoteReady and check your voter registration or register to vote.

The Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics offers many opportunities for Civic Engagement and Education.

The Dole Institute exemplifies academic entrepreneurship with an emphasis on civic education.  The Institute respects Senator Dole’s wishes to highlight practical knowledge obtained from real life experiences of presidents, ambassadors, policymakers, journalists, campaign strategists, authors, historians and many others whose lives have been spent in the public arena.  The Dole Institute continues to build an active and vibrant student culture, promoting political and civic involvement while encouraging civil discourse on important issues.

Some of the Civic Engagement experiences at the Dole Institute include:

Dole Institute of Politics Student Advisory Board

Hemenway Public Service Award

Youth Civic Leadership Institute (high school students)

Civic Engagement and (Election) Leadership Conference for Kansas High School Government, History and Middle School Social Studies Teachers

Constitution Day

KU Civic Engagement and Leadership Month

A Tribute to Veterans Gala (Veterans Day event)


2019 Poster representing the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment and Women's History Month

The Dole Institute is committed to universal accessibility in all programs and resources. We are in the process of making all of our web projects fully accessible. An accessible version of the material represented on this site will be made available upon request. Please contact us at doleinstitute@ku.edu to request the material be made available in an accessible format, or for general assistance.