Senator Dole’s Thank You Tour


Senator Dole Completes Tour of all 105 KS Counties

Senator Bob Dole has officially traveled to all 105 counties within his home state of Kansas this year. Having begun the “thank you tour” in April, Senator Dole decided to travel to each of the state’s counties in order to express his gratitude to those who elected him for eight years to the House of Representatives and thirty years to the U.S. Senate.

Of this great achievement, Senator Dole said, “It’s been a highly rewarding experience – traveling the state to say thank you to my supporters. I reunited with many old friends and met several new ones, too. I ended the tour on October 30th in Garnett, Kansas – home of Arthur Capper, who served two terms as Governor of Kansas and also five terms as a U.S. Senator.”

Dole was treated to lots of oatmeal cookies and brownies along the way – and an occasional glass of Dole pineapple juice. The total cost of the ten trips was approximately $70,000. Dole said, “It was worth every penny to see all the wonderful Kansans, whether they voted for me or not.”
……..News Release, November 18, 2014

Bob Dole Returns to the Dole Institute

The HIGHLIGHT of the Dole Institute’s 10th Anniversary year-long celebration was Bob Dole’s return to the Institute Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

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