Quotes By Others About Bob Dole

“They all liked homemade ice cream and ate copious amounts of it.”
Russell Townsley, former editor and publisher of the Russell Daily News about the Dole children; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 14

“His teammates said Dole would never, ever think of breaking a training rule in high school.”
Allan Evans, Russell News/Record editor and publisher about Bob Dole in high school sports; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 21

“Bob always was a bit different from others. He always tried a bit harder.”
Russell Townsley, former editor and publisher of the Russell Daily News; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 29

“I remember how Bob liked to play ‘Laughing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside’ on the jukebox when he came home.”
Chet Dawson, Russell druggist about Dole upon returning from WWII; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 37

“Mom used to have me go out in the back yard to ask him to come inside. She’d say, ‘Tell him ten more minutes, dinner’ll be ready.’ He just worked so hard. He didn’t want to quit.”
Norma Jean Steele, Dole’s sister about Bob working to recover from his war injuries; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 39

“Bob gets a lot of strength from within the walls of the family home.” 
Gloria Nelson, Dole’s sister; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 44

“I want to introduce the man who yesterday won the U.S. Senate nomination, receiving 70 percent of the Republican votes cast.”
McDill “Huck” Boyd about Dole at a 1968 convention; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 57

“I will certainly continue with my post and don’t expect that to create any problems. Bob works long hours, but then so do I, and our offices are only about two blocks apart.”
Elizabeth Hanford, shortly before her marriage to Bob Dole; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 65

“I am really thrilled with the opportunity of having Bob Dole as my running mate. Bob Dole has been a team player.”
President Gerald Ford in Russell in 1976; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 67

“He [Dole] has been a tireless champion of individuals with physical, mental and developmental disabilities and is recognized as their most forceful public spokesman.”
Gene A. Budig, former KU chancellor on building the Robert J. Dole Human Development Center at the University of Kansas; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan,  p. 87

“One of the stories Bob Dole likes to tell in speeches and interviews had to do with the events in the first two weeks of 1983 when, quite literally, the Social Security system was saved. The only part of the tale he leaves out is his own role. It could not have happened without him. To the contrary, he made it happen. I was there. I so attest.”
Sen. Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) in a farewell tribute to Dole on June 11, 1996; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 102

“Bob Dole’s steady presentation and his can-do attitude has helped the Senate through so many rough times.”
Sen. Nancy Landon Kassebaum (R-Kan.) in a farewell tribute to Dole; Bob Dole: A Pictorial Biography of a Kansan, p. 109

“When I was Secretary of Transportation, Bob once said the Federal Highway Administration used my biscuit recipe to fill potholes.”
Elizabeth Dole; Great Political Wit

“The guest at this evening’s dinner will be Congressman Bob Doyle [sic]. He will speak at the American Legion Hall. Tickets have been slashed from three dollars to one dollar. A color television set will be given away. You must be present to win, and we’re not going to draw until Congressman Doyle gets through talking. Doyle was born in Kansas, raised in Kansas, educated at the University of Kansas. Prior to World War II he was a premedical student. He fought in Italy, where he suffered a serious head injury. Then he went into politics.”
Radio announcer mixing up the facts in Indiana in 1961; Great Political Wit, p. 7-8

“In a stunning admission on Larry King Live last night, Bob Dole revealed he is one of the test subjects for Viagra. He said on Larry King, ‘I wish I had bought stock in it.’ Only a Republican would think the best part of Viagra is the fact that you could make money off of it.”
Jay Leno; Great Political Wit, p. 187

“I haven’t seen excitement like this since that time we almost switched to the metric system.”
Jay Leno on “Dole campaign fever sweeping the country;” Great Political Wit, p. 188

“Of the candidates currently running for President, most lived through Vietnam and the Cold War. A few even lived through the Second World War and the Great Depression. But only one candidate lived through the Civil War, the Declaration of Independence, and Columbus’ Discovery of the New World. Elect Bob Dole. He’s one thousand years old.”
David Letterman; Great Political Wit, p. 188



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