Adam Taff

Spring 2005

Taff is a Naval Reserves commander with 16 years of experience as a tactical aviator. He has served two tours of duty to the Middle East and Mediterranean and one tour in Europe. Currently, he is an instructor pilot flying the FA-18 from Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach and recently was selected for command of an aviation unit. He also works for BGI, LLC, as a tactical aviation consultant, and was a commercial jet pilot for United Airlines for four years.

He was the Republican nominee for Kansas’ Third Congressional District in 2002, garnering more than 101,000 votes in a narrow loss to incumbent Dennis Moore.

Taff will discuss what it’s like for someone who has never sought public office to run in two highly competitive and visible campaigns. Taff will engage his study group participants and go with them inside an intense, nationally-scrutinized congressional race. Together they will analyze their relative strengths and weaknesses, and make critical decisions as election day nears. Subjects will include staffing, fundraising, political action committees, issue preparation, polling, voter identification, media expenditures, and engaging the opponent. The group will debate the correct course for success. Guest speakers will include several of the nation’s top political strategists, media consultants, pollsters, and managers.

Discussion Group Topic
In the Crosshairs: the Realities of Running a High-Profile U.S. Congressional Race

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