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Student Advisory Board

We’re more than just Republicans and Democrats.

The Dole Institute Student Advisory Board is a group of KU students united by common interests in community service, government, and politics. Together, we broaden our understanding of the U.S. and the world at large through discussions and events on all topics that intersect politics. We also support our local community, promote the importance of voting and being politically involved, and value the chance to speak our minds. In addition, we work with the Dole Institute staff to plan events and bring speakers we want to see at KU.

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At the Dole Institute, we’re in the driver’s seat of our futures. We also get a FRONT ROW SEAT to meet some of the world’s top leaders and professionals. Things you might enjoy as an active SAB member:

  • Opportunities to meet and greet guests (like President Bill Clinton, President George H.W. Bush, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, World Bank economist John Page, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Bob Woodard, and others!)
  • The opportunity to socialize, get involved & give back! The Dole Institute’s SAB is comprised of many different students with different majors! Don’t think you have to study political science to come around here; if you’re interested in politics or leadership at all, this is the place for you! SAB members plan social activities, as well as get involved in community service activities
  • Invitations to dine with the guest speakers, community members, KU faculty, students from other organizations, and Dole Institute staff
  • Networking! Many SAB members make connections with experts at the Dole Institute for internships and jobs in their respective fields
  • Financial assistance through our Internship Assistance Program, where active SAB members are given first priority during the selection process
  • The opportunity to bond and receive guidance from engaged members of the Friends of the Dole Institute through the Friends Mentoring Program. Friends are professionals and experts in their own right and many are also KU alums. SAB members who sign up are matched with a Friend who has volunteered to be a Mentor.
  • Priority when applying for one of the Dole Institute’s paid student positions


All KU students are welcome to join. There is no application process or cost to join. If you believe in the importance of community involvement, want to cultivate your leadership skills, and meet like-minded friends, we’re the group for you! You can join at anytime during the semester by attending a meeting and introducing yourself to our SAB student coordinator.

We hold regular meetings 4 or 5 times each semester.

In addition to attending meetings, SAB members are expected to volunteer for at least one evening program a semester. We help make the Dole Institute’s programs stellar by greeting and thanking program attendees, assisting with program seating, giving student welcomes to the Dole Institute, and facilitating audience Q&A. Volunteering at programs is another great way to get the chance to meet or talk with guest speakers.

Outside of our meetings, we promote all Dole Institute programs and initiatives on campus—sometimes this means tabling, posting flyers, chalking, making announcements to our classes, inviting our professors, or whatever to make sure people know about all the opportunities at the Dole Institute!

Active SAB members are rewarded. The more active you are, the more opportunities you will receive. This includes those coveted dinner invites, consideration for internship assistance, being assigned to special responsibilities at programs, or being considered for one of the Dole Institute’s paid student positions.

Ready to join? Email or join our next meeting.

Our Programs:

Pizza & Politics – These are the Dole Institute’s students-only, slice-of-life, free lunch discussions with professionals. We invite speakers, order pizza, orchestrate venues and promote the Pizza & Politics events. It’s suggested that members be able to attend and help staff the Pizza & Politics events, which are held approximately four times a semester from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Discussion Groups – Some of our most refreshing events are weekly discussion groups at the Dole Institute. Hosted by that semester’s Dole Fellow, each weekly discussion focuses on a specific topic and features an expert in that field. These are the best networking opportunities out there! SAB members attend many of the afternoon discussion group meetings on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

SAB Evening Program – Each year, the SAB is at the helm of one of the Dole Institute’s evening programs. The SAB program is typically a balanced discussion of a timely, hot-button issue that is important to students. SAB members with the help of Dole Institute staff carry out the functions of planning the event from development to promotion and execution. The SAB program is complete with a private pre-event dinner for SAB members to dine and talk with guest speakers.

Volunteer at the Dole Institute’s Other Events – We like to put on a good show! SAB members help in the planning and production of all Dole Institute events. Members are expected to staff events by giving a welcome, greeting guests, working audience Q&A sessions, helping with book signings and more!

Outreach & Community Service–It’s hard to believe, but there are a lot of folks that don’t quite know what the Dole Institute does. We step in to fulfill the Dole Institute’s mission by attending other organizations’ events, tabling, chalking, registering people to vote, etc. Our members also plan a community service and social event each semester.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Political Science major?
Absolutely not! The Student Advisory Board is made up of students from a variety of academic disciplines: Pharmacy, Architecture, Journalism, Engineering, Business, Geography, Art History, Philosophy, History, Women’s Studies, Anthropology, Communications, Museum Studies and more!

What’s the time commitment like?
Regardless of whether or not you want to lead the SAB in their next big community service project or if you just want to give your two cents, there’s a place for you here. We probably spend 4-8 hours a month on special events and meetings. We believe the SAB is a little like baking a cake—whether or not you’ve got the time for making it from scratch or you opt for the boxed mix, both are pretty darned good.

What is the Dole Institute?
Glad you asked. The Dole Institute of Politics is one of KU’s hottest venues. They bring in the world’s movers and shakers—like ambassadors, Presidents, sports legends, Hollywood writers and producers, campaign geniuses, nationally-recognized journalists and historians, government decision-makers, political strategists, and all-around good folks who are moving America forward.

The Dole Institute is about building a better America through civil discussion of anything and everything related to government, politics, or our community. The Dole Institute believes politics is an honorable profession…and so does our Student Advisory Board!

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