Join the Student Advisory Board

Lead, Network, Get Involved, Give Back

At the Dole Institute, we’re in the driver’s seat of our futures. We also get a FRONT ROW SEAT to meet some of the world’s top leaders and professionals. Things you might enjoy as an active SAB member:

Opportunities to meet and greet guests (like President Bill Clinton, President George H.W. Bush, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, World Bank economist John Page, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Bob Woodard, and others!)

The opportunity to socialize, get involved & give back! The Dole Institute’s SAB is comprised of many different students with different majors! Don’t think you have to study political science to come around here; if you’re interested in politics or leadership at all, this is the place for you! SAB members plan social activities, as well as get involved in community service activities

Invitations to dine with the guest speakers, community members, KU faculty, students from other organizations, and Dole Institute staff

Networking! Many SAB members make connections with experts at the Dole Institute for internships and jobs in their respective fields

Financial assistance through our Internship Assistance Program [linked to Separate/own page], where active SAB members are given first priority during the selection process

The opportunity to bond and receive guidance from engaged members of the Friends of the Dole Institute through the Friends Mentoring Program. Friends are professionals and experts in their own right and many are also KU alums. SAB members who sign up are matched with a Friend who has volunteered to be a Mentor.

Priority when applying for one of the Dole Institute’s paid student positions

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