Hemenway Public Service Award

Chancellor Robert Hemenway and Hemenway Public Service Award Recipient, Jon Sabillon.

Hemenway Public Service Award

The Dole Institute of Politics established the Robert Hemenway Public Service Award in May 2009 to honor the 16th Chancellor of the University of Kansas upon his retirement. Senator Bob Dole made the announcement of the award at the 2009 Dole Lecture. The award is given annually to a junior man or woman who has demonstrated a commitment to making a difference for KU students and furthering the idea of service on campus and within the community. The overriding criterion for this award is commitment to public service with demonstrated leadership. There is no GPA requirement. This award goes to a high-profile student leader, who is respected by peers and is concerned with strengthening civic life at the University of Kansas.

Applications for this award are being accepted through April 18, 2024. Click on the links below to access the application and flyer for more information.

Hemenway Public Service Award Application 2024

Hemenway Public Service Award Flyer 2024

Hemenway Recipients and Honorable Mentions


Heidi Mattson, Hemenway Recipient

Raina Peter, Honorable Mention

DaNae Estabine, Honorable Mention

Angela Davis, Hemenway Recipient

2022 Robert Hemenway Civic Engagement Leadership Team: Ethan Christ, Tyler Liggett and Sadie Williams

Michael Scott, Hemenway Recipient

Ahmad Baset Azizi, Honorable Mention

Jessica Geiger, Hemenway Recipient

Eric Kros, Hemenway Recipient

Alex Murray, Honorable Mention

Haley Pederson, Honorable Mention

Adam Hupp, Hemenway Recipient

Justin C. Kim, Hemenway Recipient

Susanna Lea Geiger,  Honorable Mention

Tomas W. Green, Honorable Mention

Ashley Reece, Honorable Mention

Cody Christensen, Hemenway Recipient

Abigail Schletzbaum, Honorable Mention

Kevin Tenny, Honorable Mention

Caleb Bobo, Hemenway Recipient

Christina Ostmeyer, Honorable Mention

Monica Saha, Honorable Mention

Amanda Gress, Hemenway Recipient

Emma Halling, Honorable Mention

Allison Hammond, Honorable Mention

Joey Hentzler, Honorable Mention

Leigh Loving, Honorable Mention

Allison Kohn, Hemenway Recipient

Caitlin Doornbos, Honorable Mention

Thomas Plummer, Honorable Mention

Hannah Sitz, Honorable Mention

Kaitlyn Perry, Hemenway Recipient

Karen Lewis, Honorable Mention

Bailey Reimer, Honorable Mention

Stephanie Jian, Hemenway Recipient

Margarita Caulfield, Honorable Mention

Jonathan Samp, Honorable Mention

Sarah Shier, Honorable Mention

Jon Sabillion, Hemenway Recipient

Briana Arensberg, Honorable Mention

Mauntell Ford,  Honorable Mention

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